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    Recipe of the week of 9/18/09 is:


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    Recipe of the week of 9/18/09 is: Empty Recipe of the week of 9/18/09 is:

    Post by mary on Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:25 am

    better than sex cake

    [size=24]1 box - German chocolate cake mix
    1 can - Sweetened condensed milk
    1 bottle - Caramel ice cream topping
    1 sm tub - whipped topping
    1/2 bag - Toffee chips (located in the baking isle by the choc chips)

    * Prepare cake as directed on package.
    * When cake is done remove from oven and poke holes all over the top of it with a wooden spoon handle.
    * Pour Caramel and sweetened condensed milk over top of entire cake.
    * Let cake cool completely by placing in fridge (overnight is best).
    * Once cake is completely cooled, (just before serving) top it with container of whipped topping and then the toffee chips.

    ** The best way to make this cake is to let it sit overnight. That way the caramel and milk can soak into the cake.

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